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Engagement sessions are a great way for you and your photographer to get to know one another. The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more emotion you will share, and the better your photos will be. Things can be a bit rushed on your wedding day and nerves can run high, so becoming comfortable in front of the camera beforehand will make a huge difference. Read on for Kate’s little tips on what to do, wear, and bring on your shoot to enhance your photos and showcase your personalities.

1. Show your colors. Wearing colorful clothing looks great in print. Even if bright colors isn’t usually your thing, pops of colors on your accessories are a great accent. Also, coordinate your colors together. We’re not saying come in matching outfits, but make sure your colors compliment each other and not clash.

2. Accessorize. Belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, and of course, don’t forget your shoes (they will be seen!). Show your personality and style with your accessories.

3. Wear clothes that fit you well. Nothing too baggy or too tight as the camera will accentuate this.

4. Switch it up. Bring different options for outfits to the shoot. Sometimes there are clothes or colors that will not work well on camera or with the chosen location, so it is best to have backup options.

5. For the ladies, wear a touch more makeup than you usually do. Don’t worry, it may look like more than you’re used to but it will look good on camera. Scheduling your makeup trial for this day is a good way to see how your wedding day makeup will look on film.

6. Relax. We want to capture you two and your love, so ignore the photographer. We will direct you if needed.

7. Look in the mirror. Before your engagement session, look at yourself in the mirror. What angles do you like best. Do you prefer your smile with teeth or without. It could help to find some of your favorite pictures of yourself. Test your expressions and smile in the mirror so you have an idea of how it’ll turn out.

8. Show the love. Fellas, kisses on her cheek, nose, and forehead always look sweet on camera. Ladies, smile or close your eyes when he gives you a kiss. Whisper something funny or sweet into each other’s ears…The captured reactions are always priceless.

9. Choose a location that says something about you as a couple. Don’t just simply decide on a park or the beach because they are pretty, pick a place that can help tell your story.

10. If you are camera shy, bring props. They help take the attention off you and in turn you start to feel more comfortable in front of the lens. Props can also add a lot of personality to your photos so have fun and get creative with these. Think style, hobbies, and interests such as kites, hats, signs, flowers- you have a world of options!

11. Above everything else, be yourselves! Your pictures will look more natural when you’re not worried about looking perfect. Enjoy each other and let your photographer take care of making you look your best.

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